Smixed is a fun, new daily word game that tests your vocabulary and problem-solving skills!
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Some words are NOT filled...
How To Smix
Build words using
the featured letters.
Each word must begin with
a different featured letter.
Complete words in any order.
Gain 1 point every time you use
or reuse a featured letter in a word.
You may use letters not featured,
but they award 0 points.
to shuffle
featured letters.
to submit
and end the game.
to replay
the game.
Additional Rules
Getting 33 points is
called the Smax.
Each set of featured letters
has at least 4 different
solutions for a Smax.
Smaxing within the first three
minutes is called the Golden Smax.
Sharing the smax will reveal
a unique daily emoji.
The color of each word
reflects its score.
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A kibitzer in Yiddish is someone who gives unwelcome advice during a game. My mom taught me as a young gamer that kibitzing takes away the joy of victory for others.
Pariguayo is Dominican slang for someone who is a wallflower at a dance party. A “party watcher.” My dad taught me as a young fella that being a pariguayo meant not being a part of the celebration.
I enjoy creating games that require intense deliberation, but that also evoke a wide sense of community for those who play the game. I like to encourage folks to show off their skills with those they love – while still never sharing the golden secret to their victory!
Smixed is the only popular free word game that allows the player the autonomy to play according to their gaming style. Take the entire day to maximize your average score. Dash swiftly if you value epic speed. Regardless of approach, the ultimate goal lies in the coveted mission for all: Get. The. Smax.
Nothing makes me happier than seeing players share their scores. So please, keep sharing with friends. Share with family. Play before or after you Wordle. Dance at the party. Never kibitz. Go for the Smax.
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